November 4, 2015

About Us


Who we are:

We are heart centered, service driven, passionate master level practitioners who call The Center our home to serve, connect, play, heal & grow!

Our approach to the work:

It’s not enough to work on the body alone with modalities such as massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, yoga, qi gong, etc. What we have noticed over the years of our journey, is even with all of the different things we can give to our “body” as self-care and to come back to The Center of our personal Universe, it’s only temporary. Eventually, and usually pretty rapidly, the effects of the world reclaim their toll on our bodies.
At the Center, we feel a "whole-istic", and "integrate-ive" approach to both the body AND the mind have longer lasting, and in most cases, a more permanent result rather than rubber-banding back to previous stress levels.
Not only do we have what has quickly become a staple tagline for our clients when they speak about us as the “Best. Massage. Ever.” for your body, we also have some of the best mindset support available, right here "in house" to support in the real game, of healing the mind.
Over time, as the mind heals, because everything stems from the mind, the bodywork of massage and chiropractic care become less and less needed and more of a reward to give yourself, rather than a necessity because you’re “stressed.”
We offer workshops, guided meditations, and spiritual study groups to support you in sorting out life’s most complicated and difficult experiences.
All services are available. Feel free to pick a la carte, or package them up. We are here to support your healing in whichever way makes the most sense to you, because we love you.


A Master Level Practitioner is Standing By


Ashiatsu - Deep Tissue - Myofascial Release - Prenatal - Energy Work

Mascia Penha, LMT started her massage practice in 2009 in the state of New Jersey. Now living in South Florida since 2015, she has been perfecting her techniques as a body worker and expanding her knowledge of the physical, emotional and energy body. Some of these include Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Medical, Sports, Prenatal, Swedish, Reflexology, Thai, Geriatric and Warm Stone Massage. In 2017, Mascia started her Ashiatsu training under Master Therapist Pei Ching Lu. This Ashiatsu training shifted Mascia's sessions from being "massages" to "healing sessions".

Mascia’s healing sessions are focused on releasing chronic stagnation held in the body. She does so by using powerful healing modalities such as Ashiatsu (walking on body to balance meridians and release "ashi points"), myofascial release trigger point therapy & energy moving techniques which unblock chakras.

After a session with Mascia, you can expect to experience a relief of physical and emotional pain, feel lighter in your body, along with improved mood, mental clarity and a deeper connection with yourself, your body and others.

“Please be patient and gentle with yourself. Know that the healing journey takes time and we cannot undo years of blockages in just a couple of sessions, as we hold many patterns and traumas in our bodies from the day we were born.  

This work takes trust, surrender and an open mind to experience something new and unlike anything you’ve experienced before. As long as you are open, you are on your way to transforming your body and experiencing beautiful results! 

I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of your healing journey."



Sports - Deep Tissue, Connective Tissue & Neuromuscular Therapy - Thai - Stretching - Prenatal - Ashiatsu

Matt is a dynamic & highly skilled massage therapist who specializes in working with athletes & those with body challenges. Clients who work with Matt can expect relief: Matt works from his heart however, his sessions are grounded in science-backed therapeutic techniques & lifestyle coaching.

“I was initially drawn to massage at the age of 4. My mother had ruptured discs in her low back while working. She took me to all of her doctor appointments and yet when she would get home her pain would quickly return. I made it my mission to understand how to help my mom. I watched and asked so many questions every time we were at an appointment. At home my mother would suffer periods of pain and I would try and help her by imitating her doctors and therapists. By the time I was 8, I knew all 206 bones of the body. By the time I was 12 I knew almost all of the 640 skeletal muscles. My mother does not experience the pain that she used to and that means the world to me. As I’ve continued to grow as a practitioner I can proudly say that she is my inspiration & has recovered much better than most.

In 2007 I became a Licensed Massage Therapist. I immediately began working in a clinical setting that allowed me to develop my massage skills by treating soft tissue injuries, specifically back and neck maladies. I spent 2 years learning clinical aspects of treatment and acquired certification in Active Release Techniques and Neuromuscular Specialization. From there I decided to go to college and pursue my degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion. While in college I received training for Active/Passive Stretching techniques and intensive Kinesiology study. Specializing in Strength and Conditioning, I applied massage with exercise techniques to fully treat highly athletic individuals as well as those in pain.

My goal for every individual that I work with is that they leave without the ailments that they came in with and to help each individual learn that they do have control over their bodies which is the greatest gift to be given.”

Sports Massage
Deep Tissue
Active Release Technique
Neuromuscular Specialization
Active/Passive Stretching
Kinesiology Taping


Sports - Deep Tissue & Neuromuscular Therapy - Myofascial Release - Relaxation - Trigger Point - Medical - Geriatric - Energy Work

Jennifer Beckman L.M.T has been licensed and practicing massage for over 15 years. She specializes in focused, personalized treatments. Her philosophy is based in a grounded, intuitive approach, catering to the individual healing intentions of her clients. Jennifer has a bachelor’s degree in counseling and extensive experience in Emergency Management and Disaster Recovery. She has strong knowledge around the healing powers of essential oils and how they can assist individuals on their health and healing journeys.

If you desire whole body & mind maintenance for overall optimal health, Jennifer will customize your Integrative Massage to assist your body and mind in its innate ability and desire to heal.


Craniosacral - Deep Tissue - Sports - Stretching - Medical Massage - Energy Work

Lino is a Florida licensed massage therapist. He studied professional massage therapy in Puerto Rico & discovered his purpose in life that his mission is to bring healing to our people and planet.

He believes that our body has the ability to heal itself, so he provides a combination of relaxing, holistic and orthopedic massage sessions promoting physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual balance; he performs bodywork that integrates Swedish, Deep Tissue, Craniosacral, Reconnective Healing, Body Reconnection, Reiki, Muscle-Skeletal Realignment, Stretching, Sports Massage, Hot Stone, Lymphatic Drainage, Aromatherapy and Medical Massage.

During his path as massage therapist he has continued studying and expanding his knowledge on a variety of techniques to provide unique sessions that suite individual needs. This allows him to educate and provide clients with valuable exercises, stretching and nutritional suggestions, to take home and keep your body balanced.

"I'm here to bring hope and help others to find your way of healing, releasing stress and tension. If we choose to change our habits and biomechanical posture and nutrition, then our body will be in a state of holistic balance."

He'll make your body and soul fly and unwind.

"Everything Is In Divine Order"


Center Manager/Owner

Laura is a pillar of love & the visionary for The Center. This role includes a commitment to be in service to all that come to The Center & the community as a whole. Her core values are: "Be Love. Be Extraordinary. Be In Service". This motto is reflected in the atmosphere & experience at The Center. It is often said that she is an expert listener & unconditional provider of endless support- for all of the clients, in addition to The Team at The Center.  Laura brings a professional yet warm & nurturing energy to The Center through a commitment to serve. She has two young children & considers them to be her greatest teachers! Prior to parenthood, Laura spent many years at a financial planning firm & has a dynamic history with the healing arts. "I am so grateful to be able to serve others through The Center. Being a busy mom can sometimes be a handful but I feel so blessed to cultivate & share such a positive, healing environment with the community. There's something so fulfilling to be able to witness others on their healing journeys. I feel so lucky to have had some part in facilitating such positive changes!" Laura loves getting to know our clients & getting feedback from you! Next time you see her at The Center or speak on the phone, be sure to share your experience with her; she is working hard to raise the bar for what it means to have an experience at The Center! 

Laura has a vision of building & growing an extraordinary brand that people can trust and feel at home. This vision entails The Center as a place of divine service where extraordinary practitioners can support individuals in their healing journeys back to their true center; a place where individuals can connect to find a community of safety, love & support with tools for the growth & exploration of body, mind & spirit.

Laura is motivated to spread love to the world. She believes that everything is either a call for love or an act of love; and it is only when we can raise our children to "BE LOVE" will the world change. Her big picture vision/legacy is The Center & future Centers will be a stepping stone to building heart centered, experiential schools & globally changing the way children are raised, therefore changing the state of humanity.