Sex! Yes, Sex…

By: Deana Medina March 5, 2018 Why sex, you might ask. Well, sex is the exact doing that got us all here, right? I think sometimes or even all the time, we forget that fact. It’s the one topic that seems to be left out. So let’s talk about it. Yes, it’s bold, but let’s[…]

Manifesting Money with Energy Tapping

By: Suzanne Gundersen February 11, 2018 Bottom line is that if you don’t have the kind of money you want, you’re blocking it.  Really, it’s ME blocking it?  I want more money, I dream of more money, so how am I blocking it? That sounds crazy, how am I blocking it?  If you’re still reading, then maybe you’re[…]

Decode Your Soul Contract and Unlock New Possibilities

Watch This Video Now and Then Get One For Yourself! Below is our interview with ZatKiall Syverson, our Soul Contract Reader, with over 20 Years of Experience… 1. What is a Soul Contract? Why does it matter? How will decoding my Soul Contract affect my life? When you first start out in life everything seems[…]

The Ancient Bodywork Technique developed by the Buddha’s Doctor

By: Adam Katzen January 5, 2018 Traditional Thai Yoga Massage is a therapeutic bodywork technique that was developed over 2,500 years ago by Jivaka Komarabhacca, a friend and personal physician to the Buddha. This ancient therapy has been shown to: Reduce soreness and pain Boost energy levels Support the immune system and detoxify the body[…]