Due to the unprecedented pandemic caused by the pandemic, health and wellness company Liquivida Lounge is offering 100 Natural Defense IV kits containing a high dose Vitamin C to Firefighter Paramedics across Broward, Miami and Palm Beach at absolutely no cost. “If you want to avoid feeling under the weather and fight against flu-like symptoms, this high dose[…]

Liquivida Lounge helps employees of other businesses get back to work

South Florida company testing employees for COVID-19     Liquivida Lounge is helping other businesses get back to work by testing their employees for the coronavirus. WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Liquivida Lounge’s services already boost the immune systems of many corporation’s employees, whether it be through vitamin intravenous drips or B-12 drops, but now[…]

Get UP to Get Down

By: Suzanne Gundersen December 11, 2017 In the evolution of magnificent minds, we’ve gotten away from our bodies.  To walk integrated and congruent in this day and age, we need to have balance and healthy communication between the mind and body.  While the mind tries to convince us that we can think our way out[…]

Delray is a Healing Mecca

By: Sage Shetron Two years ago 2 massage therapists, Willow & Sage recognized the need for a single place that would offer the opportunity for healing and transformation on all levels of body, spirit and mind. In a town that supports open-mindedness and attracts a multitude of other alternative healing practitioners and supportive businesses.You will[…]

The best water to drink for optimal energy, detoxification and health.

Water, Water, Water??? When we look at our lives many people do not seem to place enough importance on water, and the significant role that it plays in their lives. Water helps in energy boosting, optimal functioning of the body, optimal functioning of the brain, detoxification, hydration, and numerous other roles in the everyday functioning[…]

The Recipe For healing it all!!

THE RECIPE FOR HEALING!! You can holistically heal your selves and your lives. Did something inside, for some of you reading this, just contract? Or did that last sentence just correlate with information you already know?? Everybody has different beliefs, understandings, and awareness levels. THAT’S WHAT MAKES THIS THING CALLED LIFE SO FLAVORFUL!!! Yes!! OPPORTUNITIES[…]