The Recipe For healing it all!!

THE RECIPE FOR HEALING!! You can holistically heal your selves and your lives. Did something inside, for some of you reading this, just contract? Or did that last sentence just correlate with information you already know?? Everybody has different beliefs, understandings, and awareness levels. THAT’S WHAT MAKES THIS THING CALLED LIFE SO FLAVORFUL!!! Yes!! OPPORTUNITIES[…]

5 Minute Veggies

Fill steamer with water, turn on, and get her puffin!! Make sure to have enough water to preheat and cook veggies without it drying up and scolding veggies, and pan.  The steamer will love you more! Select 3 types of desired veggies. i.e. kale, broccoli & carrot. Only eating three types at a time insures[…]

White Basmati Rice

While visiting friends last week for their house warming, we realized the importance of sharing secret tips for even the basic recipes. The rice we prepared together was happily received and enjoyed, by all!! To begin:  Rinse and strain 2 Cups of rice, till water runs clear, and set aside.  Bring 3 ¼  Cups of[…]

Sunrise Soup

Try starting the day with power and warmth, fire up the digestion system. 5 Cups Water (simmering in large soup pot)  ½ Portobello mushroom 1 Cup Onion 2 Cups Okra 1 Medium Carrot 1 Tblsp. Fresh Garlic Dice ingredients with love & vigor.  Toss into your soup pot.  Add the following to your pot of[…]