The Huge Blind Spot in Self Development

@carlosdelaplaya Reply to @libralicious You’re not alone friend even I struggle with this #conscioustiktok #journalingideas #affirmations #1111 ♬ original sound – Carlos DelaPlaya What if thinking we “need to get better” could actually be a form of self-judgment + pushes our success away from us more. I’ve been part of this mindset before. “I must[…]

Decode Your Soul Contract and Unlock New Possibilities

Watch This Video Now and Then Get One For Yourself! Below is our interview with ZatKiall Syverson, our Soul Contract Reader, with over 20 Years of Experience… 1. What is a Soul Contract? Why does it matter? How will decoding my Soul Contract affect my life? When you first start out in life everything seems[…]

What is Mindfulness? (Hint: You’re Probably Wrong)

By: Adam Katzen October 17, 2017 Most religions have the same components. There are guidelines for ethical conduct, something bigger than self… most talk about kindness, forgiveness, compassion and generosity. But there is one thing that sets Buddhism apart from most religions. That is mindfulness. So what is mindfulness? If you took a straw poll[…]