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Below is our interview with ZatKiall Syverson, our Soul Contract Reader, with over 20 Years of Experience…

1. What is a Soul Contract? Why does it matter? How will decoding my Soul Contract affect my life?

When you first start out in life everything seems very random. As you mature, you begin to see connections to repeating challenges and themes in relationships, health, career and finances… At some point as you analyze and reflect on these patterns, you may contemplate, “Is there some divine plan, or method to the madness? Is there a way to change what I attract and create in my life?” The answers to these questions and many more have been hidden in your Soul Contract.

See, we are not just human beings that have spiritual experiences, as many believe. The truth is, we are divine spiritual beings, that have human experiences. The intense human experiences and emotions we each go through, are organized by our spiritual counterpart. If you can raise your awareness and consciousness to the height of your Soul’s vantage point, then deep understanding and healing can take place. You’ll also make much better choices, enjoy more fulfillment and purpose and experience less pain. Manifesting your goals and dreams will become much easier, because you are aligned with divine will and no longer fighting against the current.

2. How do you decode a Soul Contract? Can you talk a little about the process you use and how it helps people?

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God.” Sound is creation. The sound of your name carries with it the specific vibrations of your Soul. When decoding these vibrations through the Soul Contract System, you literally see the set of experiences at a physical and spiritual level that your Soul had set out to experience in this lifetime.

This system is based on the Ancient Hebrew alphabet as it’s foundation, and uses the “Star of David” to map out your specific Personalized Soul Chart.  Your name is converted into Hebrew sounds and letters, and then into numbers. The numbers are placed around the “Star of David” in a specific order, and then totaled. The summary of the numbers are reduced if they exceed 22, as there are only 22 categories that all life experiences can be placed in, based on Ancient Hebrew.

Soul Contract Reader

As you go through this process you will eventually be left with a set of seven different aspects, the six points of the star and then the center, which we call the Soul Destiny. These seven different aspects will correlate to the primary life lessons, talents and goals that your Soul has set up for you to experience in this lifetime.

Getting in touch with the plan and agreement your soul (or spiritual self) made before you were born will give you a road map for aligning with your divine spiritual signature, or path to bliss.  When you use your free will to make decisions that are in alignment with your Soul’s plan, life opens and flows. Synchronicities, unexpected opportunities, divine relationships, naturalness of being, joy and fulfillment become the norm. Instead of striving to be someone you think you should be (or have to be) you walk in harmony with your experience, connected, centered and full of abundance.

3. Most people have heard of the Law of Attraction – that what you focus on you attract. I’ve been focusing on an Aston Martin and I’m still driving a Hyundai. What am I missing, and how will decoding my Soul Contract help me to attract what I want in my life?

The Law of Attraction, which was introduced to the mainstream world through the movie “The Secret” has many misunderstandings.  First, the Law is a universal principle. What many people fail to realize is that conscious thought (thoughts we are aware of) do not represent your total thought energy.

Harvard University studies show that we have on average 40,000+ thoughts a day. That’s a new thought every 1.5 seconds. About 85% of those thoughts are subconscious. We aren’t even aware they’re there.

Second, most people have had some type of traumatic experience in their lives, especially during childhood. The pain and misunderstandings of these situations often create strong limiting beliefs systems anchored in our cellular memory and energy fields.

Third, which may be difficult for some people to accept – and not necessary that you do – we have lived before this life. This isn’t our first rodeo, and the other rodeo’s that we have lived had their own traumatic experiences that carry over into this life.

Our intense and traumatic experiences, in this life and beyond carry energetic charges and false beliefs that are at the root of our challenges and attraction field. Positive thinking and working hard, is not enough anymore to create a great life.  At some point we realize, we must look much deeper.

This is where the Soul Contract work comes in. The soul contract is like a powerful microscope that allows you to see into the depths of your subconscious and energetic bodies. From this vantage point you can see what inside of you is manifesting the external challenges in relationships, health, wealth…

False beliefs like, “I am unworthy of love so I better try to be someone people like…” or “People will end up abandoning me, so better l reject them before they have the chance…” or “people can’t be trusted, so I better protect myself by hiding who I truly am…” can quickly and effectively be brought to the surface, and then removed. This can be as easy as changing the lint out of the filter in the dryer, when you have the right technique, and clear awareness of the belief.

4. I understand that I’m a spiritual being having a human experience… created primarily through senses and mental perceptions. Of course, there are other dimensions of experience, like the emotional and spiritual realms. I heard that Life Alchemy Training helps people transcend our experience by taking into account emotional, spiritual and energetic planes. Can you tell me a little about that, and why it’s important?

An MIT professor, recently proved through scientific study we exist in eleven different dimensions. Science has proven all of this already, but it has not hit mainstream news. A dimension is a category of vibration.

Imagine a TV, and each station is a different station of vibration. One station is your physical body, another station is your emotional energy or emotional body, another is the container of your thought energy or mental body, and the last is the energy of your soul, or spiritual body.

When you get sick or develop a dis-ease, this is not just the physical body in dis-ease.  All four of your bodies, are likely out of balance.  The Soul Contract work, and Life Alchemy Training, helps you get in touch with the other more intangible aspects of your energetic body and the other planes of vibration that you exist on, in a very real and tangible way.

Some of us need to spend less time in our spiritual and mental bodies, and more time in our physical body. That was the case with me. Others spend way too much time perfecting their physical body and leave no room for processing emotions or taking time for spiritual practice.

Whatever you resist, will persist.  The majority of challenges you’ll face in life can be traced back to the stories you create to make sense of your experience, the interpretation of those stories and your attachment to certain aspects of your nature while you neglect others. The neglected aspects will always manifest in your life disguised as challenges.

5. What are the benefits of decoding my Soul Contract? What can I expect to walk away with after attending a workshop? I’ve done a lot of personal development work, why should someone like me experience Life Alchemy Training?

If you have done a lot of work on yourselves… bravo. I sincerely applaud you. I believe you are the saving grace of our future. Unless you are in your rainbow body right now though, you still have more work to do. It can be fun though.

I am a LEO. That means I’m light hearted playful big kid at heart.  I love that I get to combine a playful childlike sense of wonder, a street-smart business demeanor, and metaphysical resonance with 20 years of decoding the universe of this work.

I have been married for 20 years and have two teenagers. For me, whatever we study better make us better parents, lovers, givers, business owners, and better people in general. I believe what sets this work apart of anything else, is that there is nothing you can bring to it, that cannot be decoded.

If you can come to a workshop, or have a private session with me, I guarantee that you will be guided to the truth of your Soul. I’m so sure, and believe so strongly in this work that if you don’t I’ll give you your money back. See, you already have the truth deep inside of you, all you need to do is learn how to bring it out into the light.

I promise you that Life Alchemy Training will show you how to uncover the truth, no matter how deep it’s buried. But you don’t have to take my word for it, check out this website I put together for an upcoming event in Delray Beach, FL.

On this page you’ll see more information about the program, first hand accounts from past workshop attendees and you can watch a video of a Soul Contract being decoded as I do a reading for Willow

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Joseph ZatKiall Syverson is an Illuminator, Self-Empowerment Teacher, and Intuition Developer. He is the co-founder of Master Thyself, with his wife Kah Thorun. Their mission is to train students to embody the light and wisdom of their Soul, so they can create and live heaven on earth. Joseph is a New York Times Best-Selling Author, and has built several multi-million dollar businesses. For the last 18 years he’s been a Life & Business Transformation Coach. Joseph has delivered over 8,500 personal 1-on-1 sessions, incorporating modalities like Human Design, Soul Contract, Soul Astrology, Feng Shui, Divine Alchemy, 5D Business Coaching, Past/Future Life Regressions, Energy Healings and Light Body Activations.