Delray is a Healing Mecca

By: Sage Shetron

Two years ago 2 massage therapists, Willow & Sage recognized the need for a single place that would offer the opportunity for healing and transformation on all levels of body, spirit and mind.

In a town that supports open-mindedness and attracts a multitude of other alternative healing practitioners and supportive businesses.You will find within a few mile radius authentic and high level professionals such as: Chiropractors, Acupuncturist, Homeopathists', Kinesiologists', Bio-feedback practitioners, raw food restaurants, organic estheticians, organic juice bars, conscious gyms, and many restaurants offering organic and healthy food options.

Our town has a rich alternative offering and just a stones throw away from the ocean. Delray Beach is a "Healing Mecca",
The Sagely Willow is proud to be one of the pillars of this mecca, supplying an enriched experience to our town. In our facility you will experience the opportunities to shift and heal the body, spirit and mind.

We offer the most advanced and integrated massage/ bodywork style and system, that is usually described as miraculous.

Each session incorporates the use of energetic crystalline Infrared mats, various therapeutic mechanical devices, ancient eastern modalities, and conventional massage all intuitively packaged up in a personal and individualized experience.

In the support of the spirit and mind, we offer many authentic presenters sharing experiential classes to support you with “the keys” for YOU to heal yourself and your mind.
Such offerings as Meditation, Yoga, Informative Lectures, A Course in Miracles,
Transformative Breath-work, Spirit Channeling, Holonomic Healing and many other workshop experiences.

We look forward to the opportunity in sharing with you.

Call for details and bookings:
561-450-6407 -or- sagelywillow.com