Get UP to Get Down

By: Suzanne Gundersen
December 11, 2017

In the evolution of magnificent minds, we’ve gotten away from our bodies.  To walk integrated and congruent in this day and age, we need to have balance and healthy communication between the mind and body.  While the mind tries to convince us that we can think our way out of everything, truly the body keeps the score for how well we’re doing in keeping up with the universal energy flow of life.

Are you stuck in some part of your life that you can’t think your way out from?  Do you want more possibilities in your life but can’t seem to find what will get you thinking more openly, creatively, expansively?

We condition ourselves to help us maneuver through life at the warp speed we’re living.  However, those conditioned areas could contribute to what’s limiting us.  While it might be nice to know where we always put our toothbrush every day, ever wonder why we stand, sit and move our bodies in a conditioned way and how that might translate to limiting our thinking? Well, it does!

Learning to lean into and move through tight, contracted parts of your body can help expand our thinking.  Many people do body work activities, whether massage, yoga, sports or other activities that move the body, and that’s certainly start.  However, have you ever laid on the ground and wondered which limbs and muscles go on conditioned autopilot to help lift us from the ground, and how we learned to do it that way?  Who taught us?  How long have we been doing it the same way?  What if we learned to move differently, what could that mean for us?

Playing purposefully with micro body movements and beginning to unwind contracted body parts, can translate to great mental flexibility.  When we have better range of motion, we expand and improve our limited thinking, which can bring new ideas, new possibilities.

Join us to crawl, walk, dance around on the floor and play with purposeful functional body movements and expand your physical range of motion and notice your world of possibilities begin to open.

Get UP to Get Down Functional Movement Class is Thursday December 14, 2017.  Join this fun and energetic hour to explore and play with body movement and learn how unwinding the body translates to greater mental flexibility, and life possibilities.  To learn more, visit our Facebook Event Page or Click Here to sign up today

Suzanne Gundersen is a Wellness Practitioner at Transformed Connections.  Suzanne helps professionals, families and women transform their lives by connecting more deeply within themselves, so they can experience life with genuine aliveness.  She’s available for private sessions and other group classes.