Happy Family Hour!

By: Suzanne Gunderson
December 1, 2017

Families are so busy these days and time is moving at warp speed with so much passing by.  Often the combination of one or more of:  working parents, stressed parents, very active children, children with issues, can create disconnection in families.  And, there doesn’t seem any opportunity to do less or slow down to course correct the lack of balance and connection and so they keep pressing forward.

Families missing quality connection suffer with low energy, resentment (mistrust) and act out towards each other by behaving negatively, creating event more disconnection.  Disconnected families seem to get ‘louder’ in their evidence that something isn’t working.  In order to attempt to cope, families get caught up in empty promises or shower their family with ‘treats’ that only temporarily take away the longing for deep connection.  Does this sound familiar?

When the coping strategies get fewer and fewer and coping strategy satisfaction is shorter and shorter, it’s time for a family intervention to get back to basics and repair, rebuild and reconnect.   They say it takes a village and frankly today’s families are mini villages amongst themselves.  Family members need to feel safe and trusting to express themselves authentically without judgement.  They need to feel their needs are being attuned with thoughtful loving care.  They need to know they are the priority.

Exchanging genuinely engaging facial expressions, speaking in welcoming tones of voice, caressing with soothing touch all build healthy bonds and connection.   Consistency and familiarity in providing safe and trusting encounters with the family will bring harmony into the village.

Playful bonding games, family touching (hugs, embraces) and engaging facial expressions can help build bridges where there may be walls.  Families who explore life with curiosity, together, stay connected.   Making the family village a known and consistent focus and priority, no matter how short the time period, as long as it’s concentrated time, will create the strength needed to improve attitudes, family member engagement and family joy.

Your family is invited to play, explore and reconnect with Family Happy Hour, at The Sagely Willow Saturday December 9, 2017.  Fun and easy games will engage the whole family in repairing bonds, building whole and happy families. To learn more, visit our Facebook Event Page or Click Here to sign up today

The Happy Family Hour is led by Suzanne Gundersen, Wellness Practitioner at Transformed Connections.  Suzanne helps professionals, families and women transform their lives by connecting more deeply within themselves, so they can experience life with genuine aliveness.  She’s available for private sessions and other group classes.