Healthy Angeled Eggs… MMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!

Healthy Angeled eggs:
Cook organic eggs for 10 min.
Place eggs in water after it starts boiling for exactly 10 min.
Adjust cooking time to your preference on the second attempt:-)

Pour off hot water. Add cold water to cover eggs, then add ice to quick chill.
If you do this step, the egg shells will peel off, oh so Easy!!!

Rinse peeled eggs to remove any fragments from the outside of the soft white egg.
Cut egg in half then scoop out the yolk part and place in a seperate bowl.
You will want to place the white egg on a  paper towel that is laying on a plate. (This will prevent final egg product from crashing together or flying off the plate while moving around kitchen)
I dumped 10 fully loaded Angel eggs on the kitchen floor last week–
Please learn from my mistakes:-)
Once all yolks are removed add the following contents and mix well:
•Your favorite EFA oil. ( I prefer Norwegian brand lemon flavored oil)–EFA translates to Essential Fatty Acid oil– A must to reduce inflamation!!!
•Braggs liquid amino acid– A squirt to taste.
•Pinch of  salt
•1 teaspoon or more of diced Jalapano peppers. To taste
•Paprika– a few shakes of the jar to taste
•Dash cardamon
•Sprinkle of  Corriander
•Squeeze of lemon
•Dash of apple cider vinegar
•Squirt of Dijon mustard or more to your liking

Mix well.
Scoop Angel yolk mixture into awaiting white part of eggs.