Healthy Lifestyle Tips

“Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food”.


What did Hippocrates mean by that statement?  Perhaps he was saying if your dis-ease or dis-comfort could be cured by modifying the way you eat, then making changes to your diet is paramount to preventing and perhaps REVERSING dis-ease! As our medical research advances into the 21st century, we frequently hear this advice being touted by respected doctors as ESSENTIAL to increasing the longevity and quality of our lives. Proper diet, along with massage and other alternative therapies have become an integral part of millions of people who are actively seeking a vibrant and energetic life!

Let’s break it down…

So, if food is medicine, than it makes sense that what you eat plays a significant role in how you feel.  Your daily food choices have a powerful influence over the state of your colon (i.e. BIG HUGE BOWEL MOVEMENTS, further noted as BHBM).  The health of the colon has a strong connection to how we feel in our bodies. For example, have you ever been constipated? At some point in your life, the answer is most likely yes!  How do you feel when your constipated?  Cranky? Bloated? Stiff, sore muscles?  You get the idea. Imagine feeling that way for days…NO THANKS!  So, if you’re not having AT LEAST one BHBM every day, your officially constipated, which means toxins are backing up in your beautiful system, blocking the natural flow of Qi (energy), Lymphatic Fluid, blood and important nutrients. Over time these blockages throw off the delicate acid/alkaline balance, leaving your body more acidic.  When your body becomes acidic, your internal temperature becomes hot.  Think of smoldering coals over a camp fire.  When your body is so hot inside, the muscles, cells, blood, tissue, – all of these homeostasis-seeking systems- become inflamed.  Inflammation is a natural immune response to injury & infection, which causes pain, redness, heat and swelling in our muscles and joints.  Now, imagine if you throw in chronic back pain, or a car accident or repetitive stress injury or a triathlon, and you’ve got one hot body! No pun intended.

When you have a chronic inflammatory response, it creates excess fluid that puts pressure on blood vessels and decreases circulation, thereby inhibiting proper blood flow. As the pressure increases, it irritates the nerves, which causes that annoying sciatic, back or neck pain. By making healthy food choices that reduce the inflammation and receiving regular massages that move the stuck Qi, lymph and blood through the body, the irritated nerves are relieved and your now pain-free muscles are rejoicing!

The body is intricately connected and it is up to YOU to listen and make the BEST choices possible for your health.

We are PASSIONATE about organic food, preparation, digestion and the overall effects on our mind, body and spirit. We encourage you to do your research and discover the amazing food-healing properties!

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