How shocking events lead to healing. Have you ever been angry. A must read article on self healing


Have you ever had a seemingly negative experience with another person in your lifetime?

If you could imagine that every human being, who is out of balance and acting negatively, is actually experiencing a gift of understanding and direction, what would you say?

I just had an interaction with an woman who threatened to hit the vehicle I was driving.

After 10 minutes of contemplation that started with utter shock in response to this situation,  I came to the understanding that her unhappiness had nothing to do with me and my vehicle.

What I experienced from this woman was anger with underlying rage about to be unleashed, and coming out sideways. I was only her pressure release valve for her for a moment.

Therapeutic massage and a diet change to alkalize her body, are great tools to adopt  to help a person to begin to approach the healing of her life. When a person alkalizes their diet, the organ the LIVER, in their bodies, benefits greatly. In Chinese medicine, when the liver is out of balance the person is readily pre-disposed to bouts of anger and frustration or frequently experiences these states.

An interesting side note with the liver is that  the Chinese medicine meridian, of the liver,  goes or runs  directly through the eyes.

Any change in vision, red eyes, tearing eyes, bloodshot eyes, swelling of the eyes, retina challenges, cataracts,  and many more conditions that occur in the eyes actually reflect the inside condition of the Liver. I personally find that fascinating.

If you alkalize your body through diet and lifestyle, the LIVER will have  less pollutants to detoxify and it will have more elements to support it, in all of its functions. In essence it becomes more healthy and less toxic, leading to a happier and healthier life and YOU!!!

The rage that I experienced in this woman, beyond the anger, is attributed to the state and organ,  the GALLBLADDER,  in Chinese Medicine.

How many of you might experience this emotion a little to often?

You might be starting to make the tie, now, and see the connection between healthy balanced organs allowing  us to put out and reflect a  balanced emotional state.

The reverse is true with unhealthy unbalanced organs. This is the state where we act out in reactions without the ability to control.

THE GOOD NEWS IS,  when an individual begins to heal their organs and life through alkalizing their body, anger and rage begin to lesson and disappear.

How to alkalize the diet can be as easy or as hard as you make it. Baby steps are best to take to ensure success. This way one does not get overwhelmed with changing their life to radically or too quickly. Baby steps looks like implementing green vegetables with every meal, such as Asparagus, Bok choy, Broccoli, Kale, Chard, Parsley, and other greens of choice. These are some of my favorites and there is many more


Adding a FRESH green vegetable drink every day.

Almonds are the only alkalizing nut, so one would want to eat those first and more than other nuts.

Apples and fruit are alkalizing and good for an individual, as long as there is not a problem occurring that they are sensitive to sugar. Green veggies are also very detoxifying for the organs.

Two great supplements that have worked magic in my own body and continue to help me achieve an alkalized state, are Chlorella, and Chlorophyll.

I also encourage you to do your own research to deepen your understanding of this topic.

If you are interested to know if you are acidic or alkalized, you can buy PH test strips online, or possibly buy them at a health food store or vitamin retailer. They are also a great way to see if you are staying on track once you begin your journey to health. You will be able to tell if you are alkalized by the lack of pain, swelling, and heat that an acidic person experiences. Acidity can be any of those three or all of them.

Another way to tell if you are alkalized is by asking your self, “Am I flexible?” If the answer is no, then there is a great chance you are not. FLEXIBILITY and ALKALIZATION GO hand and hand.

For this particular angry woman, intuitive  BODYWORK that we offer, would also tremendously help her resolve the anger and rage she experiences. When a person is angry their bodies contract and releases damaging elements such as cortisol into the body.

If this happens long enough it then causes blockages of energy within the body, that will lead to disease and dysfunction, if not corrected.

Much like damming up a river with boulders. Eventually the boulders stop the natural flow of water,  causing a disturbance and stagnation in the river below.

Lastly it creates lines on their face:-) Intuitive body work will open up and help remove the blockages in her body, and would return her to a state of peace and grace.

Lastly, massage and bodywork is the greatest gift a person could give to themselves. To allow your body to experience the gift of professional touch restores the energy, flow of blood, removes pain and discomfort, and reconnects the person to their body once more.

When a person feels better They naturally act nicer to all of those around them.

If this person wants to heal themselves the recommendations I have given will improve their lives.

The diet and bodywork will create a strong foundation for them to create and build,  lasting authentic change.  At some point this person will need to look more deeply at  the mental emotional causes, of this display of behavior, but as I mentioned, baby steps are best.

Please be gentle and compassionate with yourselves.

A little love goes along way!!!!