How to be HAPPY and HEALTHY in a TOXIC world

How can you safeguard your personal health and the health of the ones you care most deeply for?

I am going to share with you many simple ideas and realistic actions you can take to optimize and safeguard your health. This safeguarding health question is a burning question for many of my clients, and possibly you.

It is said that we find that which we seek and focus upon. May you find truth and some illumination within my thoughts and shared experiences. If you have been pondering this question yourself for a while, hopefully I can add another piece of the health puzzle for you.

Have you ever thought any of the following questions?

  • I believe I am eating well and making good choices, but why don’t I feel as good as think I should?
  • Why can’t I lose that extra weight?
  • Why is my body so tight and inflexible, all the time?
  • Why I am so angry and frustrated all the time?
  • Why am I in so much pain all of the time?
  • Why do I seem to be allergic to everything these days?
  • Why do I feel so cloudy in my head and tired all the time?
  • Why don’t I experience more joy and happiness every day?

The answer to all of these problems might be attributed to the body’s housing, storing, circulating and processing toxicity improperly, and in an overwhelmed state.

It is utterly staggering the amount of pollutants, chemicals, preservatives, and other unhealthy elements that come into contact with our bodies, in this day and age, at nearly every moment.

This article is only meant to create awareness!

Being aware is the first step to creating lasting change, so let’s take a brief look at the many ways toxicity enters our bodies and the health challenges presented.

1)      Deodorants, common store bought

The following is my personal experience and that of hundreds of my massage clients.

Most brands challenge the lymphatic system by the skin and lymph nodes absorbing the heavy-metal (aluminum) and other harsh chemicals.

This can lead to swollen lymph nodes, arm pain, rashes, and worst case scenario cancer, and or other diseases such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s, which are marked by toxic amounts of Aluminum that builds up in our bodies.

I was able to resolve a massage clients shoulder pain by counseling her to stop using a generic deodorant and begin using an organic one. Within 3 days the pain went away.

2)      Conventional Fruits and Vegetables that have been treated with pesticide’s and herbicide’s and can also house parasites on the skin.

Please consider that small doses of pesticides and other chemicals can have adverse effects on health, especially during vulnerable periods such as fetal development and childhood,” reports author and physician Andrew Weil, a leading voice for so-called integrative medicine combining conventional and alternative medical practices. He adds that keeping one’s family healthy isn’t the only reason to avoid foods produced using chemical inputs: “Pesticide and herbicide use contaminates groundwater, ruins soil structures and promotes erosion. 1.

Results from the Agricultural Health Study, an ongoing study of pesticide exposures in farm families, show that farmers who used agricultural insecticides experienced an increase in headaches, fatigue, insomnia, dizziness, hand tremors, and other neurological symptoms. Evidence suggests that children are particularly susceptible to adverse effects from exposure to pesticides, including neurodevelopmental effects. People may also be exposed to pesticides used in a variety of settings including homes, schools, hospitals, and workplaces. 2

Parasites are a very real concern when living in the human body. Many times people can go decades with exposure and not have an awareness of it. For reliable information on this topic refer to Dr. Hulda Clark.

3)      GMOs- Genetically Modified Organisms

Do you seem to get bloated after eating some meals?

Do you experience heartburn?

Do your hands swell after eating meals?

Do you experience allergic reactions to food?

Is your G.I. track causing you pain and havoc?

Are you anxious and stressed?

This and many other even more challenging and even life threatening diseases are now being linked to genetically modified foods within our food supply (GMOs).

Typically, most conventional wheat, corn and soy consumed in this country has been genetically modified for many years now, and is found in most all conventional food in our food supply on this day.

There are many scientific sources that now list the dangers of these highly consumed elements in our diets and available food supply.

Please look into and watch the documentary “Food Matters” for an eye-opening education on the challenges these foods pose to your  health and the health of your loved ones.

4)      Chemicals in tap water –

Are you feeling dehydrated even though you are drinking plenty of water?

Are you drinking filtered water through your refrigerator or your one stage filter and still feeling dehydrated?

Do you find yourself drinking flavored drinks because you do not like the taste of water?

This is due to a myriad of chemicals used to clean the water that we use to sustain everyday life.

There is also much controversy over flouride in our water supply. Some say it is added to water to help strengthen the population’s teeth. Other sources say that fluoride was discovered in Nazi Germany, after the war was ended, and the Germans added Fluoride to the water as  to control the population.

It has been linked to disturbing the Pineal gland function which regulates seratone and the human response to take action in times of injustice.

5)      Most non-organic body care products:

Make-up, deodorant, hair spray, shampoo, conditioner, laundry detergent, mouthwash, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, hand soap, dish soap, body soap, shaving cream, etc,. all use chemicals and preservatives.

Please consider that your SKIN is your largest organ in your body. It has the surface area and capacity to draw into your body and blood stream, ANYTHING and everything that is put on it or anything your shower in or soak in.

6)      Silver fillings:

Absolutely toxic for your entire body.

When I had my Amalgam fillings replaced 7 years ago, my general health increased 70% in 48 hours.

I had very challenging G.I. problems that no Dr. could give me answers about.. After the removal I was like a new person.

My mind and mental instability was resolved. My digestion issues cleared up. Life was mine to live, full and powerful.

I have since counseled and directed countless others to do the same. many with equal and even more profound positive changes.

Silver fillings are linked to breast cancer.  For information on this read the book  “Saving Victoria`s breast

I have only listed 2 scenarios of the system havoc silver fillings cause and with a little research I am sure you will uncover countless others.

In Chinese medicine each tooth is directly linked to an organ of your body, and every joint  of your body. I could talk for hours on this subject, but that will need to be another post entirely.

Here is how I recommend safeguarding against these pollutants and toxins.

  1. Replace your deodorant with an organic type that has only natural/organic ingredients. These can be found at your local health food store, some conventional stores, and online. Tom’s of Maine makes a great aluminum-free deodorant that works very well.Two other options would be:
    Add Chlorophyll liquid drops to your drinking water. This will deodorize the body from the inside out.
    Use an Essential oil blend to your liking, in your pits to replace deodorant. This way you can smell wonderful and receive extra healing benefits from the oils you choose.
  2. Use a fruit and veggie wash for all fruit and vegetables before eating. Willow and I personally use 30 drops of Grapefruit seed extract in a vat of water and let items soak for 2 minutes to remove undesired elements. This is the most cost effective way we have found to date.
  3. Eat only organic food, and preferably items that are labeled non GMO. Now I have heard many arguments on this topic from clients and friends. Let me share the story of a twenty something couple who are clients and now great friends of mine, who when I met them, wanted to become healthy. The young woman, of the couple, was struggling with addiction, irregular periods and was plagued by migraine headaches. They came to stay with us for a time frame of a month, to learn how to adopt the organic lifestyle, and ultimately learn how to heal their bodies. The male counterpart was verbally challenging and skeptical about the validity of organics and the importance of them in the diet. After a little over a week when her migraines subsided due to eating an organic food supply and making the other changes that are being suggested here, their lives changed forever for the better. He has lost a considerable amount of weight, and they now have a beautiful baby boy. She no longer struggles with addiction and grows her own food for the family of three.Organics are slightly more expensive and I share with all of my friends and clients.
    “Pay a little more now or pay a whole lot later” The pay later is typically plagued by pain and disease with many years of unhappiness and  lack of joy. The little extra money now will lead to a better quality of life breath by breath, from the time you read this till the time you leave.
  4. Invest in a good water filtration system. The best suggestion is to contact me at sagelywillow@gmail.com, to direct you to a water filtration system that best fits your needs and financial budget. Truly filtered restructured water cleanses the liver, spleen, and the rest of the organs and is crucial to detoxifying the body.
  5. Opt for organic health and beauty products. Go to your health food store and ask the knowledgeable person in the personal care section to help you replace what you are currently using with non- toxic items. At another time I will give recommendations of which products I utilize and recommend.
  6. Research holistic dentists in your area and ask if they do safe removal of amalgam fillings. The mercury-free dentists of the world have been acutely aware of the potential for excess exposure to mercury when removing amalgam fillings, and have devised a number of strategies for reducing the amount of mercury exposure to both patients and dental staff during amalgam removal.

If you are in the South East portion of Florida I would be happy to recommend you to the trusted professionals I personally utilize.

1. http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/knowing-what-pesticides-your-food/

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