How to heal back pain and stiffness Holistically and naturally

How to heal back pain and stiffness naturally and holistically.
Being a massage therapist and a male of 45 years, I have had my own personal struggles and challenges, over the years, with my own bouts of back pain.
With the experience of my own HEALING and trans formative journey, I now serve as a healing ambassador for many others.
Being a 10 year massage therapist 60%, off our clients list this as one of the top complaints.
I consider myself as an authority on this topic.
Are you ready to understand what is happening with yourself, your body, and your back?
Ask yourself this question. Do you want to heal?
Really heal?
If the answer is yes, than heal you shall. Read on…
Each person, myself included, have their own unique set of circumstances as to why they experience this opportunity.
Some people have no idea why their back is hurting.
Others can identify the origin due to a physical trauma.
while others have experienced this challenge since childhood.
Then there are those who have abused their bodies with their diet and abuses of other sorts.
What you are about to read is an accumulation of 10 years of personal discovery, reading, trials,experiences, and self healing.
I am a passionate, intense, stubborn, and curious being…
Much of my opinions and what I will share with you, comes from the Chinese Medicine model, as well as clinical observations, and testing with myself and massage clients.
Back pain, in short, relates to, and is connected to the physical and other functioning of the Kidneys.
Hang in there!!! Keep reading for those of you who might be turned off, due to your already formulated opinions of your situation.
Has what you have done and discovered worked thus far?
For those of you who`s interest is peaked, enjoy reading on.
As a bodyworker, I have become very good about relieving back pain for clients.
For those who have re occurring challenges or who are not better after 2 treatments and a diet change, I send to highly skilled Acupuncturist in my area,. of Delray Beach Fl.
Wait a minute. Are you thinking “Did he just say diet change?”
What can the diet possibly have anything to do with my Kidneys?
Is food related to back pain?
The answer is YES!!
Elements and food stuffs such as Lamb, Black Beans, Walnuts, Black sesame seeds, Shrimp, Parsley, clean highly filtered water, and other elements strengthen and either detox or increase the functioning of the Kidneys. Also any food that is black and or blue in color increases Kidney function. Another food source that increses the functioning are beans in general.
Adversely, food elements such as Sugar, Alcohol, fast food, sometimes coffee, pharmaceuticals, some recreational drugs,lack of a high quality water source, all challenge the Kidneys and weaken the functioning.
In Chinese medicine the Kidneys known to Control Sexual function and potency. They also control the bodies temperature, water balance, bones, hearing, nervous system, hair, teeth, nails, and brain.
The Emotion of FEAR weaken the functioning of the Kidneys. So individuals who have suffered abuses of any type within their life span, tend to experience back pain, stiffness and ,soar knees,
There is a tie between psychological negative experiences and the weakening of the Kidney organs, in my practice, and in TCM literature.
For women who have bore children, their backs tend to weaken after each child for 2 reasons: 1- they surrender a little life force with each child naturally and 2- their Placenta, in America is disposed of. The Placenta contains the ability to re generate the womans kidney function and improve back pain and stiffness, Reason being, it contains their kidney essence.
When the Kidney essence is restored and improved pain and stiffness clear up.
Placenta is used to address back pain, liver,and low lung functioning in Chines medicine.
Another factor that plays a roll in back pain and stiffness, is the lack of movement, stretching, and the onset of a stagnant lifestyle.
All of the above creates stagnation in the Kidneys and body.
So Please join a Yoga class and get moving.
The beauty of yoga is that it will naturally teach you to listen deeply to your body, quiet your mind, and improve your focus.
Every forward bend opens the energy to the Kidneys, and every twisting motion positively influences the movement of stagnant energy in the kidneys and body.
A life of GOOD comes from yoga.
Please be cautious with over-working out and weekend warrior activities.
Many of my clients backs hurt due to over exertion and de hydration.
If you find a talented massage/ Bodyworker in your area, they can help a great deal with resolving your pain and stiffness patterns.
All massage therapist are not created the same, The same goes with Acupuncturist.
At first, If the massage does not resolve the problem than try finding a structural bodyworker.
If that does not work than off to an Acupuncturist you go.
Typically this is an easy fix for a talented one.
I have seen what most people would consider a miracle happen, as a result of receiving acupuncture for back pain and stiffness.
This is so because the acupuncturist is addressing the ROOT of the problem. Then that medicine optimizes the functioning of your own bodies healing energy. The result is the true healing of your body.
Another tip is to reduce the intake of Caffeine, for too much tends to beat up on your Kidney adrenals. When this happens it emotionally has the ability to put you in the state of fight or flight. This response is marked by increased anxiety and/or acrid sweat odor, that is released in the arm pit area.
Another thing to understand is to get ample amounts of sleep. Kidneys love rest and relaxation in order to detoxify and re generate.
All the best to you.
Feel free to call or write with any comments
Stay well.