The Illusions of our Perception and Reality

By: Joe Tedesco
October 3, 2017

What are the benefits and pitfalls of perceptual reality or wrong mindedness vs what A Course in Miracles calls the Real World or Right Mindedness?

Knowing the difference between the two choices and the two voices speaking for each possibility, one becomes actively involved in choosing their experience instead of what appears to be the world happening TO you and you are simply at the mercy of some benevolent will outside yourself.

The Course is very clear that there is no being or will outside of you controlling your every move, rewarding or punishing you, setting you up to fail or succeed, or keeping a scorecard for its approval and later use.

The Course begins to teach us a new reality exists beyond the one we see that is not only real but true and permanent. In fact, the one we think we are in is really a dream and a perceptual illusion that can be used as a teaching device rather than a place of value or punishment.

This is a very similar teaching to what Buddhism and Hinduism share. The difference is that the Course remains true to the concept of non-dualism. It does not compromise.

Simply stated, this world is not real and the teacher within you that constantly draws you into an experience of pain guilt and suffering is the ego.

Our ego makes up the world and then draws a veil of ignorance over your eyes to convince you that this place is real and has value. Is it not convincing you right now that you are sitting and reading this email?

This dream seems real and yet there is a teacher within each of us extended by and from the prefect Love we are, to gently guide us back to Right Mindedness.

The gift of this Teacher not only holds our truth until we are ready to receive it but also will help us to see the world through the eyes of Perfect love and thus reflecting perfect love in our daily experience. This joy is immeasurable

“Perceiving only the real world will lead you to the real Heaven, because it will make you capable of understanding it.” Chap 11 Section VII P 3

Ask yourself this question., “Do I really know what will make me happy and do I know how to protect that happiness from ever being threatened or taken away?”

If you are honest, you would say no and the reason is even though you THINK you know what will make you happy, the world does not have a possibility to ever guarantee its permanent protection because the world is ever changing and always in a state of decay and rebirth and decay and rebirth so temporary at best is what you can experience here.

The Teacher within promises permanence within the impermanence of perception. This permanent peace is a result of removing everything that is not fear based within your mind so you can not possibly see it “outside” in your daily life. When this path is complete, you are in a state of what is called Heaven and you see it everywhere.

This Right Mindedness is beyond description and every attempt toward it is never lost and improves your emotional state and experience with your life. This must be practiced to see its benefit. Come practice with us.

Come join us in our puppy pile of peace. Come practice with us, study, meditate or join the WEBINAR from the comfort of your home.

Joe Tedesco is a teacher, coach and speaker. He leads A Course in Miracles every Tuesday night at 7pm. For more information, you can reach joe at managemymindset@gmail.com or by phone (561) 315-2504

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