Is Working Out Silently Sabotaging your Health?

A Simple Technique to Restore Balance and Recover after Activity
By: Suzanne Gundersen

If you’re an athlete, or just someone who works out and plays hard, you likely push your body. Pushing ourselves can give us an edge in our sport or provide a physical result we desire. In this pursuit, most athletes actually over train.

Pushing the body into burn or pain shouldn’t be the norm, yet too often it can be. Intense workouts and sports condition us to push past our bodies internal senses and we can suffer for it with soreness and pain. There is a way out!

If you’re someone who deals with body tension and stress related to workouts and sports, then this is for you!

Let me start by sharing that your body has an amazing stress response system to help you survive. When you stress your body it triggers this system.

First, an alarm is set off in your hypothalamus. That triggers the fight or flight response and your adrenal glands begin releasing adrenaline and a hormone called cortisol.

Adrenaline is what gives you the energy to keep pushing through that burn. It speeds up your heart rate and pumps blood through your body faster, helping you to keep going past your stress point.

Cortisol is great because it increases glucose (sugar) in the blood stream, makes you alert and stimulates tissue repair. Here’s the problem.

When adrenaline and cortisol levels are elevated, other (so called non-essential) bodily systems sort of go into hibernation mode.

The immune system is altered, digestive system is affected, metabolism slows and reproduction and growth systems are inhibited. Even worse, it affects your limbic brain – which controls emotions and mood.

Most of us are so stressed all the time that this fight or flight system stays on way more than it should. When the body’s stress response system stays ON all the time, our bodies contract in protection.

When you contract you can experience symptoms of body tension, body aches, muscle soreness and possibly difficulty getting restful sleep, among other possible symptoms.

Further, if you continue to push yourself past the burn daily, you risk stress injuries which can take you away from your sport or workout indefinitely. And still, we wake up and do it all the time. But there is a way to restore balance.

Once your activities are over and you’ve completed your workout, you need to allow the body systems the opportunity to recovery and rest.

The kind of recovery I’m speaking of isn’t just using a foam roller or getting a massage, there is deeper type of tension and stress that we create when we push past the stress response and keep it on.

Good news is that there is a way to still enjoy intense sports and workouts and recover effectively and naturally.

Our bodies have a natural shaking ability to release deeply held body tension and stress. Shaking is the body’s primitive response to release stress and bring the body back to homeostasis.

Through a series of simple physical stretches we can activate the nervous system to welcome the body into a pleasant shaking experience, which helps the body release accumulated stress, restore balance and build resiliency for future stress.

If you’re someone who’s spent sleepless nights with shin splits or body aches and pains or has suffered from chronic stress injuries, join us to learn a new way at achieve deep body recovery.

Once you learn and experience this simple to learn technique, you can experience more flexibility, elasticity, faster workout recovery, better rest and be able to go at your sport or workout that much sooner!

To discover how this stretching and shaking technique can restore your body to balance, join us for the Athlete’s Body Tension and Stress Relief Workshop Thursday, November 9, 2017 at 7pm. Space is limited so reserve your spot today. Click Here to signup or call (561) 450-6407


Athlete’s Body Tension and Stress Relief classes are led by Suzanne Gundersen, wellness practitioner at Transformed Connections.  Suzanne helps people with stress and anxiety transform their lives by connecting more deeply within themselves, so they can experience life. She’s available for private sessions and other group classes.