Live with Aliveness!

By: Suzanne Gundersen
October 3, 2017

Has the momentum of life carried you away into exhaustion, depletion and overwhelm?  Just can’t seem to catch up?  Yearning to feel refreshed, armed with tools and skills to get you back to balance and can keep you happy and thriving in life? There is a way!

Everything in life is interconnected in a way that provides support to each part. When that support is unhealthy, it affects the entire whole.  When our bodies are stressed, we are out of balance with the universal flow of life.  More than ever, now is the time to get focused on what is important to you, slow down and feel into a new quality of life that is satisfying and fulfilling.

Whatever your coping strategy, it’s just not working for the long-term haul of life.  You need real tools and skills, things that are easy to learn and natural to your body and the environment and we’d like to share them with you.

First, what’s happening is that we’re moving faster than we can integrate perception of our life experience.  We’re speeding in wrong directions, unfocused, trying to keep up and feeling disempowered.  If positive affirmations worked, we’d have the life we struggle to find.  Meanwhile we’re busy living the life we’re living and frankly, falling behind.

Each day the intensity of focus from the billions of perspectives that roam this planet, who communicate via the internet, bring us an overwhelming awareness our bodies simply cannot rationalize or integrate in the speed it’s coming at us.

Life is energy and our bodies are energy in motion.  Even though we can’t see energy, our bodies have an energy system that travels over the surface of the body, flowing as rivers of energy from our head to our feet.  When these rivers are flowing in tune with universal flow of life, we feel great, when the energy rivers are flowing out tune we feel pain (emotional, physical) and disease.

Learning how to engage and move your body with daily energy exercises can help you set the vibrational tone of your day off right.  Also, smell is one of our most powerful senses and is making a strong momentum in the healing space.  Essential oils can both bring balance from past adversities and help arm you for future challenges, and so anyone intrigued by essential oils should heed their intuition to learn more.

Our bodies are what are here on this planet, having this experience.  We’re made up of billions of cells that are orchestrated by the nervous system, to keep us alive.  We are perceivers of life through the nervous system and when we get stressed it’s our nervous system that is craving homeostasis.

Body shaking is a primitive response to releasing deeply held body tension and stress and restoring harmony along with the flow of life.  However, our rational mind’s judgement about shaking has kept us from allowing the experience.  Still, shaking is a pleasant and most effective way to regulate body systems and begin to reverse symptoms that result from your coping strategies as well as any pre-disposed pain or diseases you suffer.

Hearing is another powerful sense that we can use to help align our bodies with the universal flow of life.  Listening to higher frequency sounds will awaken the body to align its frequency with the frequency it hears.  Typically, our most subjected frequency is much lower that the frequency vibration of the universal flow of life and why we suffer with sickness (emotional and physical).

Relaxing into a sound bath of instruments being played at the matching universal flow of life can life our bodies and our spirits towards feeling life with aliveness.  There is only one way to manifest what you want and that is to feel it with intense focus, while being in your body.

Meditation is most effective when you are present with your breath, truly being in your body, from where you can connect to the deep body feelings of the life you’re meant to lead with purpose and grace.

There are so many wonderful modalities of alternative healing that can be pursued and so many practitioners who lead the path.  I recommend you do some searching and find what resonates with you. We invite you this Saturday Oct 7th to join us at Sagely Willow to learn how these incredible healing modalities can begin to move you in a direction that brings alignment with the universal flow of life and helps you feel alive!

To learn more about the Live with Aliveness! workshop, visit our Facebook Page. To signup today, Click Here or call (561) 450-6407.

Live with Aliveness classes are led by Suzanne Gundersen, Wellness Practitioner at Transformed Connections.  Suzanne helps people with stress and anxiety transform their lives by connecting more deeply within themselves, so they can experience life with genuine aliveness.  She’s available for private sessions and other group classes.