Manifesting Money with Energy Tapping

By: Suzanne Gundersen
February 11, 2018

Bottom line is that if you don’t have the kind of money you want, you’re blocking it.  Really, it’s ME blocking it?  I want more money, I dream of more money, so how am I blocking it? That sounds crazy, how am I blocking it?  If you’re still reading, then maybe you’re open to understanding that it’s YOU who needs to shift some things about your money story, in order to expectantly receive more money.

Still reading?  Our bodies are energy and like a radio antenna we send a signal which is responded by the universe.  You receive what you believe, not what you want.  Your body is the energy of your belief system, including your thoughts and beliefs about money, both the money you have and the money you want.

  • What thoughts surface when you think about money?
  • How does it feel to look into your wallet to see how much money you have?
  • What do you tell yourself when you look at your bank account balance?
  • How do you feel when you have a stack of bills to pay?
  • Is there an upgrade you want in your life, like a new place to live, a new car or a great vacation, but you feel it’s not possible anytime soon?
  • What are your judgements and opinions about your money situation?  What are they for people who are wealthy?
  • What would it take to receive more money?

Whatever you answered to these questions could surface some information for where you’re keeping yourself without the kind of money you want.  Every thought we think has resistance baked into it, as it has two ends. The first end is what you want, and the second is what you believe.  Traditional beliefs and old stories about money keep us stuck in a lower energy vibration than the empowered version of who we really are.

Energy tapping is an easy self-use acupressure technique, where you use your fingers to tap on specific energy meridians on the body, to promote circulation of energy.  When energy circulates, it’s in motion, when it’s not, it can be stuck or in a holding pattern (maybe one that’s generations old!).  If you have the desire to have more money, for whatever reason, you will need to clear your resistance, shift limiting thoughts and beliefs and build new pathways towards an energy vibration that’s aligned with your desires.  No matter your money story, situation or stress, tapping can work for you!

Using tapping to shift thought and beliefs in a new direction means to start where you’re stuck.  All those “reality” statements of your life, of “this is how it has been, this is how it is” and the momentum behind those statements is what are called limiting beliefs.   With tapping, we start directly in the worst part of where you’re limiting yourself, to begin to wiggle free the energy to circulate.  When energy is circulation, we feel and experience our thoughts differently then when they’re stuck.

What limiting thoughts do you have about money? Are you ready to shift them?  Each person’s money story is unique to them, and you want yours to be one that has you believing, expecting and receiving more money.  You too can transform your money story with tapping!