November 4, 2015



Why do people receive massage and bodywork?

     On the most basic level, therapeutic massage enhances blood flow, delivering oxygen to muscles, tissue, bones, and organs throughout the body. This increase in blood flow regulates vital bodily functions such as digestion, the immune system, muscular and skeletal strength and flexibility, and mental balance. Injury caused to our physical body can create emotional stress, which only further aggravates existing issues. By administering healing touch, tense muscles loosen up, circulation of blood is increased, and endorphin activity is stimulated, all of which is integral in creating a feeling and experience of balanced wellness.

     Massage reconnects body, mind, and spirit – cultivating a higher sense of wholeness…clarity, relaxation, peace, and even joy are often experienced during a massage therapy session. We predict you will feel better, healthier, more playful, free, lighter, happier, stronger, abundant, and joyful after a treatment at The Center!  Check out what some of our clients have to say in our testimonials section below.

 "The body is precious.  It is our vessel for awakening.  Treat it with care."



We don't like to brag, we let our clients do it for us.

I have been coming here for years. I have had many amazing massage therapists over the years. I have recently been introduced to Matt and he has changed my life. He has an exercise science degree and is a NASM certified personal trainer (non practicing); this is such an amazing asset for someone who is an athlete or just works out like one!! He is crazy knowledgeable and I leave feeling better physically and mentally. You can’t find this everywhere!!! So impressed!!! I could write a book about how awesome Dr. Andrew Bosier, my Chiropractor, is. I have been working with him for three years. He listens to me & he works with me knowing I will not rest and will continue to break what he fixes…. no lectures he just helps me continue to do what I love with less damage. Laura, the owner, is beyond accommodating and you can tell, without a doubt, how much pride she takes in caring for others. I hope you can tell how much I love this place…. check it out. You will be a “lifer” like me!!!!

I had an incident where I was on a waverunner going about 50mph and hit a wake and did a triple barrel roll triple lindy off into the water.

Thank God I wasn’t seriously hurt. But two days after the incident I ended up having some serious stiffness in my neck and shoulders. Pretty much whiplash. I had practically zero range of motion.

Through massage with Elaine and Matt as well. And adjustments from Dr. Andrew who is the resident chiropractor on site, and acupuncture with Danielle.. I was back to normal in just over a week of time.. super grateful I was able to pass though the Center and return to my well being. Thank you so much.

I can’t praise Mascia enough for how good I feel after every session. I work long hours and work out 5 to 6 times a week. She always find my trouble spots and has helped tremendously with my bad knee. Her massages keep me relaxed and feeling good for days. I am so happy I found The Center online a year ago and now I am a regular there. I can honestly say I feel better than ever ( I have been getting massages for over 10+ years). I also want to commend the staff up front. I see how well they treat customers and you can feel a good vibe as soon as you walk in. Laura and Lauren are rockstars! They are always willing to work with me if I have a scheduling issue or squeeze me in if there is an opening.

This place is amazing. I found it about a year ago as I was searching for a meditation group in Delray beach. I stumbled upon The Center and immediately felt like I was home. Their class lineup is amazing. I’ve been to breathwork classes, sound healing, yoga, meditations, reiki… all of the teachers are amazing. And I’ve been worked on by 4 or 5 of their therapists. They are incredibly intuitive. All have very different styles, which I love… but everyone also listens and takes the time to get to know me – and my body – to provide the most effective treatment possible. The massages don’t just feel nice, they get me back to center, release tension and allow me to stay active and healthy. It’s a true East meets West approach, focusing both on physiology, energy, spirit and emotions. But the best thing about The Center is the community. It’s laid back and inclusive, I never felt intimidated or out of place. I’ve met so many incredible people and new friends since I started attending their classes and workshops. So grateful I found this place and highly recommend it to anyone. Check it out for yourself.

If you want to find heaven on Earth, you must go to The Center for Wellbeing for massage, meditation & acupuncture. It is a piece of heaven in Delray Beach!

I have traveled all over the country and no one is better than The Center. From the time you walk into the door and feel the space, you know this will be the best massage experience possible in Delray and I’ll dare to declare, the state. The staff is gentle and loving and the therapists are world class. Years of experience and a variety of styles to really connect to your healing and a pain free body rather than a machine moving bodies out the door. I have never had a therapist touch on all the senses during a massage for a holistic experience. Smells, sounds and beautiful relaxing decor made the experience complete. Wow.

This is the best, most intuitive, healing, relaxing, deep, gentle, intense, varied, authentically caring body work you will ever receive! Most of the people I know go here… Everyone feels the same… You will NOT be disappointed

The Center is amazing! I have never experienced a massage like this before. They didn’t just massage, they worked on your body and I left feeling like a completely different person. So much passion and knowledge behind what they do! Highly, highly recommend over your usual high end massages.

I’ve suffered from lower back pain the past few months due to a recent injury. A friend of mine suggested I stop in and see Dr Andrew and Matt. Laura greeted me with a warm smile at the door and she showed me around. This was one of the most relaxing and comforting offices I have ever been in. Everyone took the time and effort to get to know me and really find out when I might need. I had a brief spinal adjustment with Dr Andrew and then a fantastic massage with Matt. I wasn’t sure if a facility like this would actually treat my severe back pain, but not only was I immediately relieved of the pain, I was shown several exercises and steps to help me not repeat the same injury. I cannot recommend this place enough. I have a renewed hope in actually having a healthy back.

This was hands down the best massage I have ever had. I would almost say it wasn’t even a massage but a whole body rejuvenating experience. I truly felt like I was doing something GOOD for myself.

Matt was amazing. He stretched me out, really worked deep into areas that have bothered me for years and even suggested exercises and stretches I should do at home to improve some alignment issues.

Can’t wait to go back and it will 100% always be with Matt!

I came in to see Dr. Andrew for an adjustment due to a bad knee and back from a fall I had months ago. I can already say I feel better! I fell in love with the environment and the sense of peace it brings. It’s a whole experience. The massage room is gorgeous and so zen! I had a great experience here and definitely plan to come back! The staff was super friendly, warm and caring! Def Check this place out of you’re looking for an overall mind and body experience!

BLISS! Awesome people! My massage-connoisseur husband woke up feeling like he was coming down with something. He is very particular, has had 1000’s of massages all over the world over last 50 yrs- 1st time here today with Mascia- he was very impressed, totally restored and feeling 100% better immediately! He was so happy we booked an appointment for me later today- we will be buying a package for next visit!

I have been coming here to see Dr.Andrew for a few weeks now. I am into lifting and fitness so that definitely takes a toll on my body. Needless to say, I have felt amazing and he also explains the issue in a way that the normal brain not the chiropractic brain can understand. I thank him tremendously for this. Please do yourself and your body a favor and see him.

Aside from only him..the staff is phenomenal and they really care about their clients. This place is so adorable I would live in here. Definitely not your traditional massage parlor, and I’ve been to a lot. I will be a regular here and be booking a massage soon. You’re welcome for sending you to a great place with great vibes and exceptional service.

I was so pleased with the loving care and expertise that I experienced at The Center. The peaceful energy is felt throughout the session. I got the impression that this was more about a conscious effort to promote peace within each individual that enters this oasis rather than the usual money making enterprise seen so often in a spa setting. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a holistic approach to relaxation and massage. Thank you to the kind, skilled and friendly team of The Center!!!By the way they also offer meditation and other classes.

I came here because of the overwhelming reviews on yelp. I have problems with my neck and shoulder areas that are chronically tight and in pain. When I arrived everyone was very calm and incredibly nice to me. They offered me a great foot massage device while I waited for my therapist.She was amazing. She worked on my trouble areas. After that she figured out what stretches I should do to maintain my progress. The best thing about her was her non-judgmental, peaceful, patient and calm demeanor.

My husband and I went today for massages. We are on vacation and we have had massages all over the country while traveling. We both thought our therapists gave the best massage we have ever had. I wish they practiced close to us. Don’t miss the opportunity to get a massage here, you won’t be disappointed.

This place is a hidden gem in Delray Beach!!I have had many massages but have never experienced anything like this!!Using a comibination of techniques & tools my massage was tailored to my individual needs. I was really impressed by their knowledge, expertise, passion and commitment to their craft.The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed and I had a truly incredible experience!! I booked my next appointment before I left and can’t wait to go back!! Highly Recommended!

Had an amazing experience there. Right when you walk in, it’s relaxing and a very peaceful atmosphere. I had cupping done too, first for me, but loved it. I’ll be back again soon!

Walking in the door I felt like a 20 pound backpack had been lifted from me, that was before ever speaking a word to anyone much less being worked on. The space is made for healing, the people are amazing healers and beautiful souls. The best massages I have ever gotten anywhere, but more then that, true healing takes place and the space is full of love and peace.


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