Does Your Mind Need a Tune Up?

How a Life Coach can get you in the zone By: Joe Tedesco T.L.C

Life coaching has regained popularity in recent years and its no surprise. With the explosion of technology and the fast ever changing pace of life, people can be quite overwhelmed and seek support. If someone is not it need of therapy, which concentrates on past traumas or events effecting your forward mobility, coaching can be an amazing tool to help you break through your perceived limitations. And, there are things to look and ask for in your coach because just like a Dr. or a plumber, there are both skilled, effective, & experienced coaches as well as ineffective and potentially damaging coaches as well.

Coaching is a broad term with many categories and skill sets. Generally speaking, coaching is a technique of communication where one person suggests, inspires, motivates and/or holds another accountable toward their dreams visions and or goals while illuminating and providing a process or plan to overcome their blind spots that limit their success. Yes, a mouthful.

I highly recommend you qualify a coach before you take them on. Just because someone is accredited in their field does NOT guarantee their effectiveness and just because someone does NOT have accreditation does not mean they don't know what they are doing. Interview your coach before booking an appointment. Ask them questions. Lots of them. You are about to build a very powerful and personal relationship and you want to be sure in advance the time and money invested will set you up for amazing results. Be sure they are experienced in your domain seeking support. Vet their results. Ask for referrals. Look at their life and results. Take responsibility for the choice you make and you will not regret the effort. You will know in speaking with a potential coach in 5 min whether or not you resonate with their personality, style, and their expertise fits the domain you are working on.

This space does not allow for a complete breakdown of the myriad of coaching styles, subjects and techniques. They are near endless which is why you get to take personal responsibility in the process of choosing a coach. Unlike medical Dr.'s, life coaching does not have a federal governing body and or national licensing that qualifies a person with basic skills and coaching theology. Anyone can call themself a coach. As a professional coach for nearly 15 years, I personally have 3 coaches and each have different skill sets and areas of expertise. I couldn’t imagine I would have been as successful as I am without them.

My goal for all my clients is to eventually release themselves from my coaching and be autonomous in their life. Yes, I coach you to eventually fire me. I coach from a personal empowerment platform using many different influences such as Ontological, Etymological, Mindset, Transformational and Metaphysical principles. I come from the belief that YOU are the answer you are looking for and you are stronger and more resilient than the universe. I strive to have you see your blindspots and know you can shed a new light on them and overcome any obstacle with diligent and committed practice. Any coach that makes promises about where you will be after their coaching, in my opinion, should be avoided. The effectiveness of a coach is only up to the client. Coaches coach and clients apply the coaching and then assess their results. The value of this process is determined by the client and yet the client must give a reasonable amount of time and effort to assess their results.

Coaching can be an amazing and powerful relationship and if you are blocked in any area of your life and therapy does not feel right for you, try a coach. Since coaching is based on the now and whats to come, results can be achieved measurably in a very short period of time. I have seen many people shift in 1-2 sessions and never return. This is very gratifying to experience and yet most need 6-8 sessions before they start to experience movement. Coaching is a process and though results are used to measure efficacy, it truly is a process. Commit to it. Trust it and, if your heart tells you something is off with a coach, move on. Your dreams visions and goals are waiting for you. A coach may be just what you need to inspire you to your greatness and help you bust through a glass ceiling of perceived limitation. Call on me to answer any questions you have. I am here to be truly helpful for you reaching your goals. If Im not your coach, I will find you one that best fits you.

Joe Tedesco is a speaker, transformation, mindset and performance coach. Joe facilitates A Course in Miracles Study Group every Tuesday at 7pm at The Sagely Willow Center for Well-Being in Delray Beach.

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