Sacred Feminine: Mindful Movement Experience for Women

By: Neshema Kapara
October 28, 2017

I’m so excited that The Sagely Willow has offered to host Sacred Feminine: Mindful Movement! (Mindful Movement Experience for Women) If you are a woman who wants to feel sexy, have more energy, tone your body and boost your confidence then this is for you!

Sacred Feminine combines breathwork, yoga, sexy stretching, pole dancing, aerial arts and floor work to inspire and cultivate the divine feminine.

Beautiful women working out in gym together

The integrated experience empowers women to appreciate and honor the divine temple that is the female body in a fun and connected way.

By combining feminine movements, intention, breathwork and physical activity, the class will help you to identify and remove the physical, mental and spiritual blocks that are holding you back.

You will discover a way to work through hindering belief systems, insecurities and negative underlying emotions like guilt, shame and fear in an exciting, physical way.

Through a variety of modalities you will regain balance, develop muscles, build a stronger core, enhance flexibility and improve strength.

Even better, these techniques have been shown to release toxins from your organs, create a sense of calm, generate gratitude, boost your emotional awareness, raise your vibration and generate confidence and self-esteem.

This class is the culmination of decades worth of practice, education and experience.

After completing my degree in psychology I realized the importance of holistic healing and the empowering effect of honoring my mind, body and soul.

After learning aerial arts I discovered a deep well of confidence and excitement in my life. That led me to incorporate other modalities which helped me grow mentally and physically strong.

Eventually I realized my purpose was to empower other women and show them this path.

After finishing a transformational training program I decided to dedicate my life to support other amazing women by helping them to get past their internal limitations, step into a new way of being and generate the life of their dreams. Sacred Feminine was born!

I invite you to join me on this journey and experience how fun, freeing and inspiring Sacred Feminine: Mindful Movement will be for you.

Sacred Feminine: Mindful Movement takes place every Saturday from 11am to 12:30pm. To reserve you spot today, Click Here or visit our Facebook Events Page for more info.

Neshema has background in fitness, psychology, fashion and beauty. She is a certified yoga instructor, aerial fitness instructor and has completed level I reiki training. She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology, associates in fashion and is a certified transformational training coach.