Sex! Yes, Sex…

By: Deana Medina
March 5, 2018

Why sex, you might ask.

Well, sex is the exact doing that got us all here, right? I think sometimes or even all the time, we forget that fact. It’s the one topic that seems to be left out. So let’s talk about it. Yes, it’s bold, but let’s face it, it can be an exciting thing to talk about.

I, for one, love talking about sex, especially with girlfriends and other women. I enjoy being an outlet for women to express their sexual experiences and be in discovery with themselves. Which brought me to idea of holding space for women to come together, not only to talk about their experiences, but to also talk about pleasure all together and anything in the realm of womanhood. We are a tribe.

Expressing sexual experiences and desires is important, in the sense that vocalizing them can open up space for what you want to manifest. Also, letting your past experiences, both enjoyable and unenjoyable, be heard and perceived through another pair of eyes, literally is grounds for you to explore out of your own box.

The beautiful thing about the experiences we don’t enjoy sexually, and all others for that matter, is that it gives us the contrast we need to evaluate what we want and don’t want. We all deserve great amounts of pleasure and understanding the depths of what pleasure is and can be.

Now I want to touch on just a few things that shine light on sexual activity. Nonetheless, the importance of sex and sexual expression is endless. For one, it makes you happy, there are chemical releases that occur during intercourse and climax, which also serves as a natural pain reliever! Try masturbating if you are experiencing some discomfort somewhere, focus on the feeling you are creating during sex with self and see if you feel your pain let up. You have all the power!

Our bodies go through a lot during sex, a lot of which working in our advantage; healthier skin, vibrant glow, extra blood flow to our hearts and brains, and actually keeps the hormones in women in balance. Sex is a big part of being a healthy human being, sex is natural, sex is instinctive.

Sex is its own kind of experience that can take you to your wildest pleasures and access a part of yourself you never knew existed. And sure, it’ll take some vulnerability for some people but in that and even in the excitement towards sex, there’s a energetic, connective exchange that is truly sacred.

Deana leads Sex Talk for Women groups monthly at Sagely Willow. To find the next scheduled group check out our Class Schedule or visit our Facebook Events Page for more info.

Deana Medina is a bold woman with a powerful intention to inspire and empower women. She has overcome many obstacles in life that challenged her mentally, physically, emotionally and sexually, as well as experiences full of pleasure and satisfaction. All of which are the roots of what she is blossoming into today and intends to extend that light of life.