Sonya Nagy your Intuitive Alignment Master

Soul-Contract-ExpertSonya Nagy your “Intuitive Alignment Master” has taught thousands her step-by-step alignment process so they can overcome their internal obstacles and be more powerful and purposeful in their business and life. Sonya’s highly desired programs include Dynamic Healing Retreat, Soul Language, Sacred Partnership with Money Soul Language, VIP days and online Masterminds. She is an exceptional synthesis of business expertise and healing wisdom. Her clients exist of high-level leaders, founders and global masters. Her unique fusion of compassionate intuition, real life examples and empowering presence, connect with her audience at an intimate heartfelt level, making her a highly sought-after professional speaker, facilitator and coach. Whether Sonya is being interviewed or speaking to international audiences, she ignites the atmosphere with her empowering message, accurate insights and real results. The power of what Sonya Nagy teaches has helped client on four continents understand how to communicate clearly with themselves, so they can clearly communicate with the world.

I am excited to reserve a special spot in my calendar to speak with you personally about your Soul Contract!

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