What can our specialized massage do for you?

You, the consumer of massage.

You, the person looking to have your mind/ body/ and spirit needs met.

You, the person searching for relief of pain and or discomfort.

You, the person that was highly recommended into our care.

You, the person surfing the net looking for high vibrational, loving, concerned, compassionate massage/bodyworkers to turn to for an amazing massage experience.

You, the person suffering from depression, anxiety or turmoil and not sure what to do, but are searching.

You, the person who has pushed your body too hard for too long, and your body is now speaking to you (very loud or in subtle ways).

You, the person who has tried a multitude of therapists, and have just not found the right person that you feel comfortable with, or that is able to work successfully with your body.

These are just a few scenarios of the needs we meet, very successfully, for people every day at the Sagelywillow.

Sage & WillowWelcome

We enjoy being there for our clients to raise the bar of excellence  in massage and bodywork.

Willow and myself, over the past 10, years, have created an incredibly unique and specialized protocol and approach to masterfully working with the human body.

What are some of these approaches and protocols you ask?

First off, the protocols are unique to each individual’s needs.

We blend the understanding of the body from a Chinese medicine perspective.

We believe that understanding what each person is struggling with on a physical, mental, and emotional level is key to a successful treatment.

Being very caring and compassionate people enables us to utilize the authentic energy of love in our body work treatments.

A little love goes a long way

Then we have found and designed a way to successfully incorporate Therapeudic Devices into the bodywork sessions that make up our protocol.

The Therapeudic Devices used most commonly during our massages are:

  1. The BIO MAT:  (An infrared mat that emits a warm soothing healing signal, into your body, during each session)
  2. BODY BUFFER PRO: (This therapeutic hand held vibrational orbital rotating/spinning tool, quickly disarms the human body, relaxes all tissues, increases circulation of blood, lymph, and chi energy, shuts down pain responses, prepares body for all work to follow, and creates feelings of health and wellness.
  3. HOT TOWELS, used in a general fashion and in a Therapudic fashion  (These quickly soften the back, neck,shoulders, and limbs)
  4. BODY WALKING POLES,  (Enables therapeutic release of hamstrings, buttocks, and back, via therapist use of body weight and feet during treatments).
  5. HAND HELD TAPOTEMENT TOOL, (Used in specialized therapeutic cases to elicit releases of body that are bound due to overuse or injury.

The Protocols

The protocols we use are unique to each person’s needs at the time of their scheduled session. These protocols also depend on whether the person comes to us in need of help with a physical, mental or spiritual issue. Suggested treatment will be a carefully chosen combination of the Therapeudic Devices listed above as well as massage modalities and a high level of cultivated intuition.

The modalities can range from:

  • Reiki
  • Hands on energy sharing
  • Talk/listen/ and sharing therapy
  • Vibrational therapy
  • Sound therapy
  • Heat therapy
  • Thai massage
  • Therapudic massage
  • Myofacial techniques
  • Acupressure
  • Myo skeletal techniques
  • Relaxing massage
  • Sports massage
  • Deep massage
  • Neuromuscular therapy

Embracing conventional massage techniques as well as cutting edge therapies has enabled us to successfully help a very wide range of complaints and client needs over the years with great successes.

With the use of hand held vibrational machines,  incorporated into our treatments, we are able to obtain outstanding results with our clients on the physical and mental levels.

 Believe in a Pain-Free Body!