Steamed Fish

We have experienced that many people are intimidated by cooking fish. We think you are going to LOVE this.  

 Select your favorite Fishy (rinse and pat dry)

  •  Turn on steamer or fire up steam pot on stove top.
  • Coat top of fish with favorite spices. (I like a heavy coating on one side) Skin can be left on or off, your choice.
  • Place in steamer device and cover

Cook 8 minutes for thin piece

11 minutes for medium piece

14 minutes for thick piece

Short and sweet…Once, after a massage session with a client, we cooked a whole meal in a large steamer with salmon, asparagus, yellow peppers, broccoli, red onion and carrots.  When it was done, we drizzled Olive oil, salt and lemon over it. We were eating in less than 15 minutes!  I wanted to share with my client how easy, quick, and simple it can be to eat nutritious and healthy!