Get UP to Get Down

By: Suzanne Gundersen December 11, 2017 In the evolution of magnificent minds, we’ve gotten away from our bodies.  To walk integrated and congruent in this day and age, we need to have balance and healthy communication between the mind and body.  While the mind tries to convince us that we can think our way out[…]

How to Shift Emotional States Using Energy

A Simple Way to Reduce Stress and Work Through Difficult Feelings By: Sula DePaula October 21, 2017   Are emotions running your life? The truth is most of us are using ineffective ways to manage the daily stress of life and living. Have you ever felt like there was so much going on that you[…]

Elevator Music is Silently Sabotaging Your Life!

How to Change the Station and Unlock new Possibilities By: Melissa Kornhaus How many truly authentic interactions do you have in the course of a given day? What is authenticity to you? For me, an authentic interaction is one where the people involved are totally present and connected, listening to each other, being honest and[…]