Tap Your Way to Better Health, More Joy and Prosperity

By: Suzanne Gundersen
April 3, 2018

We’re living out loud in very transformative times.  We’re living during a communication crisis, a masculine crisis, as we all expand into broader ability to be in our bodies and be socially engaged with each other.

Right now it may seems as if something in your life is falling apart, something you thought would be solid and enjoyable and now it’s gone. Everyone seems to be experiencing something like this on some level.  We’re simply evaluating from a deeper point of view, within us, we’re experiencing a collective growing pain and it’s a big one.

The physical power, the ego, of what used to tear women apart, separate us, have us conflict and fight with each other, is being softened to the rise of the feminine energy that is upon on.  With all that is going on, women are ready to unite to support each other.

Women together, heal other women.  We can’t do it alone, we can’t wrestle with the transformations within us or around us, alone.  We need each other, as the parts of us built on rocky foundation fall apart, so that we can be rebuilt from solid ground.

What’s happened is that along the way we were led away, conditioned away from connection with our strong inner essence and grit.  Reasons may have been familial, cultural, societal, and none of them make sense any more.  There’s no going back, yet the future and what will be isn’t here yet, we’re shaping it, together, in grace and with feminine strength.

Now more than ever is the time to unite women to bear witness to the unraveling of what no longer works or serves us and hold space for the rise of the great feminine within us.

Energy Tapping is a self use tool that circulates the energy body to promote balance.  With the unraveling of the past come the deep, profound and even shocking revelations that may knock off sideways and off balance.   Whether it’s rejection, abandonment, betrayal, trust, it’s energy and any remaining associations with the stories that produces those feelings, can keep you stuck.  Tapping on the thoughts, stories, memories, can shift how you feel and experience them.  When we feel differently, we behave differently, what a relief!

If you’re interested in meeting other women like you, join us at the next women’s energy circle.  Together we’ll hold space for each other to move through the energy of old stories, hurts and pains, and shift towards reclaiming our power and worthiness, in grace, confidence and strength, together.  When your inner essence isn’t in tact, when your energy has been drained by life, when positive affirmations aren’t enough, you need your sisters, other women. Together, women heal other women, as we recognize our beauty, strength and wholeness. 

Women’s Self Worth Energy Circles are led by Suzanne Gundersen, Holistic Mentor for Stress Relief & Self Regulation.  Suzanne helps women transform their lives by connecting more deeply within themselves, so they can experience life with genuine aliveness and get what they truly want.  She’s available for private sessions and other group classes.  Will be my honor to help show you the way to light your fire and fan your flame, you beautiful goddess!