Adam K.

This place is amazing. I found it about a year ago as I was searching for a meditation group in Delray beach. I stumbled upon The Center and immediately felt like I was home. Their class lineup is amazing. I’ve been to breathwork classes, sound healing, yoga, meditations, reiki… all of the teachers are amazing. And I’ve been worked on by 4 or 5 of their therapists. They are incredibly intuitive. All have very different styles, which I love… but everyone also listens and takes the time to get to know me – and my body – to provide the most effective treatment possible. The massages don’t just feel nice, they get me back to center, release tension and allow me to stay active and healthy. It’s a true East meets West approach, focusing both on physiology, energy, spirit and emotions. But the best thing about The Center is the community. It’s laid back and inclusive, I never felt intimidated or out of place. I’ve met so many incredible people and new friends since I started attending their classes and workshops. So grateful I found this place and highly recommend it to anyone. Check it out for yourself.

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