The best water to drink for optimal energy, detoxification and health.

tumblr_inline_mh357tUGQN1re004fWater, Water, Water???
When we look at our lives many people do not seem to place enough importance on water, and the significant role that it plays in their lives.
Water helps in energy boosting, optimal functioning of the body, optimal functioning of the brain, detoxification, hydration, and numerous other roles in the everyday functioning of your life.
I could write for hours on each one of the words, used in the previous sentence, and the association and important role it plays in YOUR optimal functioning.
However; I am merely introducing this crucial health concept and what you can do to make the best educated decision about YOUR water supply, so you can enjoy the healthiest, happiest, and most prosperous life possible.
Are you asking what water has to do with happiness?
Well, let me share this understanding with you.
If you do not drink enough water, you will be dehydrated, toxic, and starving inside. Your cells that is!
Lets just look at Toxicity and how it blocks happiness.
If you are toxic inside, typically you will have aches and pains, not be whistling and smiling, and therefore not attracting other happy people and situations to you.
Basically, you will not be feeling great, on top of your game, and possibly not treating those around you the best.
Toxic individuals tend to get angry easy, frustrated often, depressed easily, and have increased self negativity,and tend to feel not so good, just to name a few.
Now that is just the surface of Toxicity that occurs by not drinking a great filtered and purified water source, DAILY.
YOU are made up of 70%, or greater—–OF WATER.
In this day and age, we have bottled water for a reason- I believe that is that the general water source, does not taste good, and there is a very intelligent part of all of us, called BODY INTUITION, that has you understand, on a subconscious level, that the water is unhealthy.
Generally unhealthy, as it comes out of our showers, faucets, un-filtered/ un-purified taps, and refrigerators.
If this were not true or questionable, then why else would
most people, not bottle their tap water, put it in a container of some sort, and save $3-$5 dollars a day?
It is our actions and not our thoughts that prove truth!!!
I have helped numerous amounts of people, heal their lives by cleaning up their diets, food source/supply, water supply, quality of thoughts, and a little bit of life cheer-leading.
Please allow me to assist you.
I have done the research for you.
I spent 6 months sampling , researching, and experiencing different water sources, to find the few that I now recommend.
I would like to hear your feedback on this info.
For my suggestions please call me at 561-254-7367 or email me at sagelywillow@gmail.com.