The Huge Blind Spot in Self Development


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What if thinking we “need to get better” could actually be a form of self-judgment + pushes our success away from us more.

I’ve been part of this mindset before. “I must be my best self!”
Yet the inherent fallacy in this mindset is that it perpetuates the idea “I’m not enough now. I must get better. Then maybe I’ll be enough eventually.”
But what if I told you that you could love you exactly where you’re at now. You could love you in your winning moments and you could love you when it’s not so pretty.

You don’t “have to” get better. You don’t “have to” eat more plants. You don’t “have to” meditate daily. You don’t “have to” have a “better” body.

In this moment, you are so perfect … “flaws” and all. You are a work of art created in the image of God/Spirit/Universe/Creator.

What if instead I told you self-development isn’t about getting better. It could actually be about learning to fall in love with the journey of learning how to love yourself.

It’s about learning to accept you as you are and let go of the conditions, the “shoulds,” and the “have-tos” to make room for feeling enough NOW.

Rather than thinking you’re not enough until you get better, think of self development as “right now I am so enough, and I am learning how to experience more and handle more of this beautiful life.”

You could feel enough now AND set goals and crush them. In fact feeling enough NOW is crucial to crushing any goal with more conviction + efficiency. This is what I teach my coaching clients.

I’m the life coach that helps you eliminate the idea that you must meet your goal in order to be happy so you could be happy now AND still meet the goal.

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