The Recipe For healing it all!!

You can holistically heal your selves and your lives. Did something inside, for some of you reading this, just contract? Or did that last sentence just correlate with information you already know??
Everybody has different beliefs, understandings, and awareness levels.
Yes!! OPPORTUNITIES for healing. Healing of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual parts of us
You ALL, no matter where you are at in you life CAN HEAL!!! My personal story follows:
My Mother was diagnosed with Metastasized cancer, in her liver, originating from every organ in her body.
I held her hand, while she was in Hospice, 15 years ago, when she asked me the question….”do you think I can heal and get better??”
Intuiting that she was exactly where she was at in her condition because she stayed in a mostly un-happy marriage, for most her life (very sad and depressing as a human being), worked as a tax secretary (very stressful occupation), and did not pursue being an Opera singer (as a graduate of the Juliet school of arts in New York)..The importance of mentioning not pursuing the opera career is important because, THAT WHAT MADE HER HAPPY!!! To sing!!!
That brought her JOY!!!!
Joy and happiness supply and flood our bodies with massive amounts of healing elements, such as Endorphin’s.
Are you content , healthy, feeling great, happy, and living in bliss??
Are you in pain (mentally, physically, emotionally), are you unhappy, sick, tired, depressed, ready to end it all, or just feeling a little off and you do not know why??
What you are about to read will resonate with many of you and not at all for others.
That is ok because there are 7 billion of us and counting.
This makes life all the more interesting!
How to live in virtual peace ,love, and harmony?
Wouldn’t you love for your experience of being alive to be the most amazing, happy, fun, incredible, action packed, meaningful, family oriented, quiet, interesting, contemplative, caring, awe inspiring, commanding, power filled, simple, honorable, organized, chaotic, fresh, ordinary, busy, mundane, and on and on????
Diversity. This is the quality that makes life seen so full, fulfilled, rich, and meaningful.
I comprised the adjectives above by imagining myself in other people’s lives who, across the span of time, I have either known or come into contact with.
This is important to know so we all realize how flavorful this life and reality are.
Being conscious of this will help us as we all become even more aware into our futures.
It will also help us to understand to be forgiving and finding ways to be more tolerant of others.
This all goes back into the understanding of healing.
Many times we get very overworked up in emotions, due to not being flexible enough in our every day interactions.
As I write this, so many words and ideas are coming to me incredibly quickly that I would have to be a supercomputer, in order to write them all down. I believe this would help to fully explain and describe the complexity of things that need to be considered and worked through. Worked thru in order to finitely heal the ENTIRE SYSTEM of pain, disease, and dysfunction.
Depending on which route you choose healing can happen very quickly, incredibly slow, or not at all.
Being 45 and being conscious for the past 15 years of my life, has given me many experiences to write to you about, in great detail.
Details come from focus and consciousness, to name just 2 elements.
I ask that you not judge right and wrong at this time .
Doing this will allow you to consider this information more deeply and ultimately get much more out of this sharing.
It is much like life!!
For ease of reading I am continuously working with myself to live past judging. I realize how destructive that one emotion has been across the span of my lifetime.
I am writing to you today in the presence of my place, at this very time in my life.
This journey has carried me through many Healing’s at this present moment.
The most accountable was, and is, the breaking and healing of my neck at the age of 44.
The other ailments I have healed from are things such as, inflexibility of my body, pulled muscles and tendons, migraines, skin rashes, psoriasis, depression, self doubt, unworthiness, un-lovableness, digestive issues, anxiety, hyperactivity, self loathing, respiratory issues, bladder problems, kidney challenges, insomnia, general discontent, and general unhappiness, to name a few.
At 45 years right now, a yoga practitioner, massage therapist, husband, and friend to many in great health.
I am at the, what feels like the apex of my health to date.
Imagine feeling happier, more healthy, and generally better as you age.
Quite the paradox at best it sounds.
Thus is the journey as I have known it as HEALING.
The profoundness of this is that I am no different than anyone who is reading this at this time!!!
Even more interesting, I believe, is that all of this has occurred, by natural and holistic methods. 🙂 with the exception of the broken neck last year.
I am very thankful for the service and skill that Western medicine practices!!
However, I produced a great clean canvas for them to paint or operate on.
Because the last 15 years of lifestyle practices and changes prepared me for effortlessly HEALING thru the most tragic time of my life.
Again, as a human being, I am no different than any of you.
We all have magical bodies, great spirits, and an incredible minds.
We all have the same general things that is called life.
I am here to say that anything is possible!!
Healing is possible.
The words I spoke to my mother in her hospice bed are verbatim as follows, “Mother, I guarantee you that you can heal if you get up out of this bed, divorce father, stop working as a tax secretary, and start singing opera”
There is a general formula for healing within the words above.
I would like to spell them out for you:
Following is the recipe for healing::
1) Take action in your life
2) Step away from all that is negative and harming you
3) Do and pursue the things that make you happy
4) Ask for help and guidance from all sources (Human and otherwise).
5) Ultimately find the place of strength to where you expect the result desired
6) Your action taking will match your result
7) Redo steps 1-6 until desired result occurs!!!