What is Holonomic Healing?

October 13. 2017

Holonomic Healing is a metaphysical program created for energy perception and development.  It combines many advanced principles and practices to assist you in the integration of your understanding of energetic healing modality.

By learning and practicing the knowledge in this system you will be able to greatly amplify and evolve your intuitive abilities.

Holonomic healing approaches science with open mindedness and intuition.  This healing system is designed to deepen your awareness of the universe while providing necessary experiences for understanding the fundamental forces of Creation.

Holonomic Healing focusses primarily on Holonomic Meditation, Metaphysical Study, and Holonomic Energy Work.  The intention of this multi-dimensional healing system is to invite you into a holistic perception of creation, that will allow you to work with energy on many levels of vibrational being.

This unique healing system will give you necessary information, skills, and practices to upgrade your energy-system, raise your vibration, and perform a dynamic multidimensional session for yourself and others. Here is what you can expect:

  • Enhance energy perception and development
  • Explore dynamic metaphysical and scientific studies of energy systems
  • Learn powerful meditations for your spiritual development
  • Activate and refine your personal energy systems
  • Strengthen your Energy Flow with Neo-Shamanic Healing Practice
  • Work with consciousness energy on multidimensional levels
  • Remove energy blocks and open your channels
  • Clear and Balance Chakras, Energy Fields, & Energy-Systems
  • Understand universal function and divine design
  • Integrating Quantum Mechanics for Spiritual Expansion
  • Activate Hidden Human Potential & Psychic Healing Abilities

Holonomic Healing is the culmination of almost 20 years of wisdom from many inner-dimensional experiences and masters of light.

Before I took the class on Holonomic Healing, I was already practicing energy work as a reiki healer.  The initiation I received through Reiki was good, but the teachers I had never taught me how energy function in the body really works. They also didn’t really provide any guidance on how outside energies can affect the healer.

No one showed me how to clear my own personal energy field after performing healing on a sick person.

When I met Will-I-Am, I received a healing form him and it was unlike anything I had ever experienced. I had been on a journey of self-healing since a car accident in 2008 left me broken and debilitated. In fact, I had to learn how to walk again.

I had gone through different kind of healers before I met Will, but nothing was like his technique.

I had the opportunity to attend his class Holonomic Healing and finally learned how energy perception really works. This workshop helped me improve my abilities by having clear view of the multidimensional energy system. I believe it’s important for everyone to learn what metaphysic energy is – even if you are not a healer.

You cannot heal someone else if you do not understand the human body, or the metaphysical energy field. This class will teach you to become more aware and learn from emotion, mental, physical, spiritual, karmic contracts.

This healing system brings great benefit for everyone, especially if you are in the medical field, structure integration field, acupuncture field and health field. This practice will enhance your ability serve and heal other as well yourself.

The truth is that you are a magnetic vortex of vibrational resonance constantly attracting and repelling energies as you create the experiences of your reality.

In Holonomic Healing you will learn how to master this magnetism with heart intelligence and harmonize the electrical nature of your thoughts and magnetic waves of your emotions.

The Holonomic Healing Workshop is taking place October 20-22 at Sagely Willow. Space is limited and seats are filling fast. To reserve your spot today Click Here to sign up or call the studio at (561) 450-6407. For more information, visit the Event Page