What is in your cart at the grocery store

Are the foods you choose, to fill your cart,  deliver health or illness to your body?

How does one know the difference you ask?

I will pre cursor what follows next with a bit of who I am and what I do for a career,in this life.

I am a Licensed Massage therapist, and a certified Chinese nutritional therapist.

This means that I help people fix and heal their bodies and lives through hands on therapeutic massage. In addition to that I counsel them on what and how to eat, for optimal health.

Optimal health, to me, means that a person is THRIVING in their body, spirit, or mind.  Not just functioning above the pain threshold living on Coffee and Red Bulls!!

You might laugh at that but that is how 75% or better of this countries occupants are making it through their day.

I have a fun exercise I like to do occasionally, when I am grocery shopping. I look for the happy looking and sounding people who I see love in their eyes, and I peak to see what they have in their cart. I also am on the look out for other people who look and sound even healthier in their bodies, than I believe I am at.

From 7 consistent years of doing this exercise the results are in:

The HEALTHY PEOPLE choose the majority of their items from the outside walls of the store, such as: Vegetables, Fruits, Meats, and some Frozen Items.

I see Rice, Quinoa, Lots of green vegetables, Multi- colored veggies, onions, garlic, salads, olive oil, lemons, various meats (grass fed usually), fruits, and eggs.

These items are usually highly perishable and VOID of  CHEMICALS and PRESERVATIVES.

In this day in age, highly perishable items are the ones that will keep you alive the longest,  and assist you in THRIVING in your life and body.

The UNHEALTHY people make the majority of their choices from the interior shelving of the store.

Items such as: Cereal, Boxed meals, Canned meals, Condiments, Canned veggies, Chips, Jarred dips, deli meats, fried chicken, sodas, deserts, ice cream, and packaged meats

Then, I have noticed, they typically grab a candy bar or treat from the, POS stands (POINT OF SALE).

All of the items listed above are HIGHLY CHEMICAL and PRESERVATIVE filled.

So I ask you?

How are you feeling in your body, spirit, and mind?

What is in your cart?

Please try this exercise and let me know what you experience and think.

Great health and love to all!!!