Yin Goddess – Embodying the Wonder Woman in all of Us

By: Stephanie Cimino

You know the type of woman who walks into a room and quietly commands respect and attention? The woman who stands strong, clearly knowing who she is, her purpose, her strengths, her limitations, and exactly how to use her unique skill set to her advantage? The woman who is so connected to her own inner knowingness (intuition) that she no longer needs to reach outside of herself for answers or validation? This is the embodiment of the Divine Feminine, and this woman is in all of us; but how do we access her?  This Goddess believes that connection to the ultimate Divine Feminine Archetype, Mother Earth, is one way to release the Yin Goddess within. If YANG/Masculine energy is day, hot, dry, active and outward, YIN/Feminine is night, cold, wet, still, and inward. These are some of the essential oils, Mother Nature’s gifts to us, that I believe assist in connecting to the Wonder Woman within…

Myrrh –The “Oil of Mother Earth”, Myrrh “unites the spiritual with the physical – building a bridge between heaven and earth and strengthening the link between our crown and base chakras.  Myrrh helps us to remember past life experiences that are causing present day blocks and release and heal from them. Physically warm and dry, Myrrh balances excess cold and moisture benefitting those who are lethargic, cold or congested due to an accumulation of dampness. Myrrh also assists in tonifying the liver (responsible for metabolizing hormones.)

Lavender – “Lavender is direct, pure of thought, brave and humble. It makes men gentle and women strong.”  The character of Lavender is harmonious, calming, healing, caring, compassionate and embracing, all qualities of the Divine Feminine. “Lavender is completely mothering in its personality – electric, formidable, yet gentle and kind.” In terms of oriental medicine, the cool, dispersing, and relaxing qualities of lavender work to regulate an overheated Liver, relieving headache, migraine, and general irritability as well as soothing and supporting the Qi-energy of the Heart

Geranium – Geranium reinforces the yin-energy of the body as a whole.  A gentle oil associated with love and trust, Geranium fosters receptivity to human love and connection.  A well-known aphrodisiac, Geranium is associated with the Astrological Planet of Love, Venus (The symbol of sensuality, creativity, and relationship.)

Roman Chamomile – “Chamomile assists us in feeling connected to and supported by divine guides and helpers.” Chamomile allows for a deeper knowledge and spiritual understanding. Chamomile reminds us that we already know all the answers, “it is that we need a stillness to react to the wisdom stemming from God which can be found by meditation.” Physically, Chamomile has an energy of neutral cool and moisture that works to gently clear heat.

Rose – “The Oil of Divine Love” perhaps no other flower is more associated with love and femininity than the Rose. It is known that Rose holds a higher frequency than any other oil on the planet.
Deep, soft, and hypnotic, “In the smelling of the rose we can experience the subtleties of the universe”   In Oriental medicine, “rose is cool and moist in nature, clears heat and inflammation, and helps to restore the body’s YIN energy.”

Connect with the Divine Feminine, The Yin Goddess, the Wonder Woman within when you anoint yourself with intention with the healing energies of the Ultimate Divine Mother, Mother Earth and Essential Oils.

Stephanie Cimino is an Aromatherapist and Esthetician at Holistic Organic Wellness in Boca Raton, FL.   Essential Oils & Blends are poured and labeled in prayer for The Sagely Willow Center for Well-Being at Holistic Organic Wellness.